Photo/ Image Credits

Rhubarb 2013

From top to bottom:

1. Photo of Andrew Tay in "Monsters, Angels and Aliens are not a Substitute for Spirituality" by Celia Spendard-Ko

2. Photo of Mandoline Hybride's "" by Antoine Quirion Couture

3. Photo of Sook-Yin Lee in "How Can I Forget?" 

4. Photo of "All the Ladies"  

5. Photo of "Faye Slift and the Three Bears" by David Hawe

6. Photo of Andres Galeano and Ieke Trinks in "Step by Step" co presented with FADO Performance Art Centre, by Henry Chan

7. Photo of Yarn Bombing Installation

8. Photo of Benjamin Kamino for Rhubarb 2013 promotional image by Tanja-Tiziana