Photo/ Image Credits

Rhubarb 2014

From top to bottom:

1. Photo of Henri Fabergé and Humboldt Magnussen for Rhubarb 2014 promotion by Tanja Tiziana

2. Photo of Bridget Moser in "Jagged Canyons"

3. Photo of Gerard Reyes and audience in "The Principle of Pleasure" by Alejandro Santiago

4. "Becoming An Image Performance Still No. 5" (National Theater Studio, SPILL Festival, London), 2013, c-print, 22 x 30 inches, photo by: Heather Cassils with Manuel Vason

5. Photo of "Listening at the CLGA" by Claire Harvie

6. Photo of Shannon Cochrane and Keith Cole co-hosting "35 Performances in 35  Years" by Alejandro Santiago

7. Photo of Tawiah M’carthy in "35 Performances for 35 Years" by Alejandro Santiago

8. Photo of Catherine Hernandez in "The Femme Playlist" by Jackie Atlas

9. Photo of Humboldt Magnussen and participants in "Viking Blood" by Brette Gabel